Stephanie Z.
- 7/25/2019

I love Dr. Fahmi, she is so kind. She always takes time to make sure she answers all of my questions. She took such great care of me and my twins. I can't say enough good things about this office and the staff, they have always been good to me. I highly recommend Dr. Fahmi. I am so lucky to have found such a compassionate Dr.

Renee D.
- 6/8/2019

I found Dr.Fahmy searching for a obgyn. Saw the bad reviews but still decided to give her a try. The time that she was my doctor she was really soft spoken sweet and caring going to her i knew i was a high risk pregnancy. She was very informative about what is to come with this pregnancy and worried at the same time. She more than anything wanted to make sure i carried this baby full term..did my pap and ultrasound make sure my baby was doing ok sent me for labs and a diffrent ultrasound next appt she said everything was normal. Informed me again about how important it is for me to get my cervix stiched to carry full term. But she was worried when it was time for me to have my baby via c-section she may be on vacation and she wanted to make sure i had a doctor that deals with high risk pregnancy. I was sad to leave her. But she asked me to come see her after i have my baby.. I understood and appreciated How much she cared about making sure i carried full term and and my well being as well. Staff was very nice, clean place, wait time never long..Thank you Dr. Fahmy

Megan C.
- 3/27/2019

Dr. Fahmy is a very professional obstetrician gynecologist, I've been going to her for almost 2 years, she helped me during my pregnancy. Answered all my questions and concerns. And her staff is wonderful. Thank you for all your outstanding work Dr. Fahmy and staff!

Velissa L.
- 3/25/2019

Dr Fahmy been my doctor for a couple of years and her and her stuff is great and friendly venessa is so nice and always there to help you

Amanda J.
- 8/9/2016

Great physician! Super knowledgable and very easy to talk to. Went to her for my 2 pregnancies and she was amazing! She does a great job communicating and explained all the medical jargon to me. She answered all my questions and she never tried to rush me

Cecilia O.
- 8 months ago

I love doctor Fahmy! I’ve been coming to her for 10 plus years. I’ve never had any bad experience with her or her staff.

Renee D.
- 9 months ago

My experience with Dr. Fahmy was great. She was very soft spoken and caring She was really worried about me carrying my baby full term. Great feeling everytime she spoke.. She was always strait forward with me about my high risk pregnancy which i appreciated. I definitely would recommend Dr. Fahmy she's great.. The staff was really nice and wait time was never long.

Ashley C.
- 9 months ago

Dr Fahmy & her staff are very reliable, I’ve been coming here for five plus years & she delivered my son with the upmost care. They’re a very attentive, & reliable OBGYN group. Highly recommended!

Jasmin A.
- 2 years ago

Dr. Fahmy is a great doctor. She is very attentive to her patients and took the time to explain everything going on during my pregnancy. The staff is welcoming and super nice. When it was time to deliver, she was on it and made everything go smoothly.

America O.
- 2 years ago

Love her staff. When I would get my appointments incorrect they always managed to see me. Dr. Fahmy was great, very patient, and calm with me. She delivered both my sisters and my baby’s.

Megan C.
- 2 years ago

I started going to see Dr. Fahmy once I found out I was pregnant, the office staff is very efficient, friendly, answered all my questions. Dr. Fahmy is a very intelligent woman, caring, understanding, polite. Listens to all your questions and concerns and will let you know what she thinks is best for you. I liked how she went over and beyond for me before I was in the hospital giving birth, thank you to her my baby and I are happy and healthy! I would recommend Dr. Fahmy for sure.

Briana B.
- 3 years ago

I love Dr. Fahmy & her staff! Especially Vanessa! They are great. I've been a patient for 4 years and she has delivered both of my baby girls! They always manage to get me an appointment quickly when I need it and Dr. Fahmy is attentive and helpful with my needs and questions. She is a very patient physician! I refuse to go anywhere else, the best OB doc in town.

Tere O.
- 2 years ago

Dr. Fahmy one of the best ob she delivered my daughter she is the most caring ob i heve ever been to.The staff is great always helpful.

Jennifer M.
- 2 years ago

She was the best Obgyn and delivered two of my girls can't say enough good things about her!